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From diverse backgrounds and with deep experience, the AGPM Executive Committee brings incredible industry talent to create and execute on a successful vision.

Our Team

Scott Zimmerman

Founder / Principal

Our Team

Helen Gualtieri, CPA

Chief Financial Officer, Partner

Our Team

Dr. Angel Rafael Arroyo

Vice President, Partner Real Estate Acquisitions

Our Team

Jose Dones-Quintana

Senior Director Management Support Services

Our Team

Glori Cordova

Director - Property Management (Southern FL + FL Keys)

Our Team

Milan Roy

Human Resources

Our Team

Kathy Tripp

Accounting Manager

Our Team

Lou Vogt

Co-Founder / Principal

Our Team

Marcus Sobering, CPA

Vice President, Partner Real Estate Finance

Our Team

Debby Jordan

Senior Director Property Management (National)

Our Team

Debbie Willis

Director Property Management (Mid-West + Central FL)

Our Team

Jeff Janisch

Director - Cash Management

Our Team

Tanya Olivo

Executive Assistant

Our Team

Michael Prush

Chief Operating Officer, Partner

Our Team

James Vogt, CPA

Vice President, Partner Real Estate Tax Strategy

Our Team

Ryan Delliacono

Senior Director CAPEX + Maintenance Operations (National)

Our Team

Vicki Aimable

Director - Property Management (Mid-West + Central FL)

Our Team

Rodney Shadron

Director - Special Projects

Our Team

Toni Branham

Project Support Coordinator



Alexander Kiss

Managing Member - Banyan Development Group

Jeffrey Kiss

Member - Banyan Development Group

Steven Herrman

Director of Project Management - Banyan Development Group

Patricia Hart

Accounting Manager - Banyan Development Group

Christopher Koch

Development Associate - Banyan Development Group

Brian Hollander

Managing Partner - Poplar Development Group

Michael Rodgers

Vice President - Poplar Development Group

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