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AGPM’s investment management function seeks to maximize returns through targeted portfolio building while managing risk.  Optimizing returns through portfolio assessment via wholly owned properties, development, property management, GP interest, and acquisition rehabilitation.  Our primary focus is on building value through multifamily and commercial opportunities.  Driving key value decision points through advanced modeling and forecasting, our strategy is to provide consistent returns to investors while minimizing downside risk and to grow the portfolio. 

AGPM’s tax function strives to bring best in class tax guidance while maintaining compliance with today’s increasingly complex and ever-changing tax requirements to meet investor demands.  Our team deploys a mix of digital tools while working with external consultants to create efficiencies in tax reporting, mitigate risks, meet deadlines, and provide knowledgeable business insights to drive growth.  Our real-time approach to tax data provides insight to better and quicker investment decisions.
























































Investment Management


AUM since 1990 across multiple strategies & geographies


Total National Markets


 Since 2004

AGPM Geography
AGPM Strategy

AUM by Geography 

AUM by Strategy

Operations Management

Top-Line Management 

Regulatory Compliance

Maintenance Management

  • New Construction - Lease Up 

  • National RCS Capabilities 

  • Robust Marketing & Advertising Capabilities

  • LIHTC Leasing Capabilities

  • PBV Leasing Capabilities 

  • Income Averaging 

  • HCV Leasing Capabilities

  • Market-Rate Leasing Capabilities

  • Commercial Leasing Capabilities 

  • 8609 Preparation & Execution

  • LURA Oversight & Management

  • Year-15 & Post Year 15 Management

  • AOC Preparation & Management 

  • Annual Audit Oversight/Management

  • Fair Housing Compliance Oversight

  • Multi-State Experience & Capabilities

  • Agency-Specific Monthly Reporting 

  • FTP Capabilities & Document Management

  • In-House Unit Renovation Teams 

  • In-House HVAC Upgrade Teams

  • In-House CAPEX Management Teams 

  • Fully Layered National Maintenance Group 

  • BMS & System Monitoring Specialists 

  • Natural Disaster Recovery Teams

  • Robust Grounds/Janitorial Teams

  • Building Compliance Management

  • PNA & Risk Mitigation Management



AGPM's National Investment Platform offers attractive diversification across multiple geographies, rental housing sectors, and risk profiles while maintaining a core strategy in affordable housing.

Finance & Accounting

Cash Management

Financial Reporting & Tax

Automated Solutions

  • Fully Layered Accounts Receivable Group

  • Fully Layered Accounts Payable Group

  • Fully Layered Debt Service Management 

  • Fully Layered Escrow Management Group

  • Agency/Investor Reporting Management 

  • Capital Contribution Management

  • Security Deposit Reconciliation Management

  • Layered Financial Reporting Group 

  • Layered Payroll Management Group

  • CPA Oversight - All Financial Reporting

  • Audit Preparation & Response Management 

  • Agency/Investor Reporting Management 

  • RE Tax Appeal / Recovery Management 
  • CAM Management & Processing
  • Setup & Management of Payment Solutions

  • Vendor Insurance Monitoring Management

  • Reimbursable Expense Management

  • Real-Time Asset LP/GP Interest Tracking

  • Asset Trend & Performance Analytics 

  • E-Commerce Procurement Solutions

  • Partnership Interest Data Monitoring



AGPM is a vertically integrated company offering in-house expertise in investment management, development, accounting/financial reporting, operations management, and real-estate tax management - delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns for the company and investors.  

Our operations team serves as the cornerstone of our business.  Supported by hundreds of associates throughout the country, AGPM is exceptionally well-positioned to handle the dynamic nature of property and asset management.  Our Special Projects team is prepared to mobilize anywhere in the country to meet the demands associated with due-diligence, new acquisitions, natural disaster recovery, and Capital Improvement oversight.

From acquisition rehabilitation efforts and new construction lease-up efforts, to stabilized asset management - as a full-service and highly layered company; AGPM maintains the resources and capability to drive performance and value across all assets in AGPM portfolio.  

At AGPM, we focus on top-line growth and gain-to-lease opportunities as closely as we focus on operational expenditures.  By focusing on high-demand/high-growth regions and modeling our proformas conservatively, our assets are well-positioned from the start, allowing us to strategically fund capital improvements through cash-flow to sustain and improve the asset.

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