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Our development team focuses on building new assets for our portfolio and our acquisitions team focuses on acquiring premier existing assets throughout the country.  At AGPM, these are two distinctly different business functions that share a similar goal - to expand our portfolio with high value, premier assets in high-demand markets.   

Community Aerial View

Out of the thousands of acquisition opportunities that we analyze annually, only a handful will meet our stringent criteria in terms of initial and long-term value, top-line growth potential, positive local economic and business factors, and lastly - personal sentiment.

While our investment screening and model process is complex, our philosophy towards acquisitions is simple - we believe in acquiring assets that we can be proud of.

Community Aerial View
Community Aerial View

If a prospective asset meets our financial, economic, and investment criteria, but we ourselves would not want to live or work there, the deal is not worth pursuing. 

Growth Market

Our goal with this strategy is to target gateway markets and select growth markets that have demonstrated liquidity, a favorable employment base, strong population growth, and other positive demand drivers.  Our Growth Market strategy seeks to provide investors and the company with the opportunity to generate stable cash-flow and take advantage of operational upside with minimal capital expenditures.


Acquisition Rehab

Our goal is to target well-located assets in high-demand regions throughout the country, where LURA and/or regulatory agreements are set to expire.  Under this strategy, we seek to acquire assets meeting this criterion via fee-simple or GP interests with the goal of preserving the affordability of the asset, while simultaneously addressing major physical needs to stabilize the asset and add-value not only to residents, but the company and investors alike.


Value Add

Our goal is to focus on well-located but often mismanaged multifamily developments at discounts to replacement costs that exhibit significant value-add potential.  Under this strategy, we invest in markets with strong fundamentals where employment growth drives household formation and high barriers-to-entry limit supply.  These strategies seek to provide investors and the company with the opportunity to participate in significant value creation through strategic capital improvements and operational upside.



Our process is exceptionally thorough and focused on market trends, economics, and ultimately - the quality of the asset. Our due-diligence team specializes in identifying existing challenges and headwinds that could impact valuations to ensure our position on an investment is solvent short and long-term.

Financial Modeling

No two assets are the same - what may have worked in one market may not work elsewhere.  With decades of experience in asset modeling across countless markets throughout the country, we can quickly ascertain the assets that will perform versus the ones that will not.

Institutional Investors

Our relationships with numerous institutional investment groups allows us to creatively structure financing solutions on new acquisitions, as well as refinance opportunities.  As a result, AGPM is capable of navigating the most complex acquisitions anywhere in the country.  

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