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Rodney Shadron

Our Team

Director - Special Projects

Rodney Shadron is the Director of Special Projects with AGPM – overseeing all maintenance operations, CAPEX project management, and specialized sustainability systems that exist throughout the AGPM north and central Florida portfolio. In his current role, he oversees many highly skilled associates who are tasked to maintain AGPM assets as best-in-class properties.

Rodney developed and currently oversees a team of highly skilled associates who are capable of performing broad and large-scale capital improvements across the AGPM portfolio. His team brings tremendous value to AGPM and all individual assets – allowing for comprehensive value-add improvements across the portfolio that would otherwise be cost prohibitive if performed under contract(s) with external vendors

Additionally, Rodney is highly involved with due-diligence efforts and oversees the mobilization team for LOI slated assets that AGPM is positioning to acquire. His other responsibilities include, but are not limited to overseeing utility analysis efforts across AGPM’s north and central Florida portfolio – playing a pivotal role in reducing OPEX and utility-spend for both the company and resident-base.

Rodney started his career in the real estate industry in 2000 as a supervisor for multifamily and single-family new construction efforts. In 2012, he joined AGPM and has delivered tremendous value and enhanced the equity positions on countless assets over the past decade.

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