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Since AGPM, LLC was formed, the company's Principals have acquired, developed, rehabilitated, and managed over 45,000 residential units throughout the United States.  AGPM continues to remain actively involved in the acquisition, renovation and operational management of value-add residential multifamily and commercial assets through loan restructuring, purchasing notes, and acquiring general partner interests, limited partner interests, joint ventures, and fee simple purchases. 

​Over the past two decades, AGPM has expanded operations and ownership interests nationally in high-growth regions which include, but are not limited to Northern, Central and Southern Florida, Florida Keys, Georgia, Ohio, North Carolina, Michigan, Colorado, South Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee.  

In conjunction with this national expansion and a sizeable new construction pipeline, AGPM appointed Michael Prush as Chief Operating Officer + Partner to oversee AGPM business operations and Marcus Sobering as Senior Vice President of Finance & Tax + Partner.  AGPM Principals also formed Poplar Development Group, LLC as a second development affiliate to expand capabilities in the affordable housing preservation and acquisition-rehab space.  

These changes mark the next chapter in the expansion, growth, and vision to meet the growing demand for high-quality multifamily developments throughout the country.

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