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Jeff Janisch

Our Team

Director - Cash Management

Jeffrey Janisch is the Director of Cash Management at AGPM. Jeff oversees the team responsible for all cash management functions; which includes, but is not limited to debt service management, escrow account management, securities management and overall reconciliation. Jeff also oversees the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receiveable, and Vendor Insurance Monitoring divisions across the AGPM national portfolio.

From 1997 to 2001 he was the Office Manager for MIG Realty/Associated Estates Realty where he supervised office personnel and was responsible for all operational aspects of the company.
In 2001 he joined Professional Management, Inc as the Accounts Payable and Payroll Supervisor until 2005, when he transitioned into various property management roles on assets owned and managed in Central Florida.

Prior to his private sector career, Jeff served in the US Army in both Combat Engineer and Military Intelligence branches. During his last duty station, Jeff served in the S2 "shop" providing intelligence support with the 39th Combat Engineer Battalion where he held high-level TS/SCI security clearances. He was involved in numerous CONUS and OCONUS operations - including the development of an oil pipeline in Yakima, WA, the construction of an airfield in Bangor, ME, and a deployment to the Honduras/Nicaragua border as part of Operation Golden Pheasant - a military operation ordered by President Regan, which mobilized the 7th Infantry and 82nd Airborne Divisions to combat advancing Nicaraguan Sandinista soldiers along the Honduras border.

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