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Resident Portal

Our Resident Portal is a convenient way for you to access a wealth of information and services within your AGPM community.


Through the Resident Portal you can:


  • Stay current with our Digital Community Newsletter.

  • View the community activities on our Calendar of Events.

  • Submit a service request online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Conveniently pay rent electrically. 

  • Opt to Receive letters, notices, and information from the management office via email.


Access the Resident portal at the button on top left corner of our communities websites.

Pay Your Rent With Ease

A Free Service for All of our Residents!

AGPM offers a the convenient and free feature to pay your rent electronically through thje resident portals. This service allows you to pay your rent electronically with an e-Check (an electronic version of a paper check from your bank), or with your Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover). 


You may access the resident with your home computer or choose to
use mobile device to download the app. The mobile app will enable you to pay your rent via text or within the app itself. 


The AutoPay option also allows you to sign up for recurring direct debit payments from your checking or savings account so that you never have to remember to pay rent again!

How to get started with the resident portal:


  • When ready to register, go to the properties webiste, click on the "Resident Portal" tab to get started.

  • Click on "Register Today" to create a user name and password and fill out all remaining personal information. You will receive an email confirming your registration that will provide a link to the resident website where you can login to pay your rent.

  • Once your property manger receives notification that you have registered, they will verify your information and approve you for payments.

The Tree House Foundation Logo
The Tree House Foundation

A Free Service for All of our Residents!

The Tree House Foundation is offered at each AGPM community and strives to meet the needs of our valued residents by providing necessary social services. Through partnerships with community organizations and businesses, AGPM is able to offer valuable quality of life resources, completely free of charge.

Resident services may include youth programs, financial counseling, health seminars, computer and internet access literacy, food assistance, and educational training. All of our properties offer regular, fun, and interesting events that bring neighbors together and promote a sense of community. Select communities offer free daily after-school and summer programs for community children which provide positive supervision and group activities. Please contact our management

team to find out what opportunities are available in your AGPM Community.
You may also visit The Tree House Foundation website at

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